Medical Delta Multiplier
Metabolomics Profiling Services
3029 AK Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Project partner until November 15, 2013
Institute presentation

Metabolomics Profiling Services is a Leiden University spin-off company, building on the expertise of the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre (NMC). NMC has received a € 26,5 million grant of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI). In this framework a dedicated metabolomics service facility has been set up, measuring annually over 15.000 metabolite profiles for academia and industry, that has recently been spun off. Over the years our service has been extended to include companies like Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Merck and Unilever and clinics worldwide including Erasmus and Leiden Medical Centre (NL), Duke University (USA) and Johns Hopkins Hospital (USA). For corporate customers we have carried out xenografts experiments for novel cancer drugs. MPS is unique in its ability to customise analyses to specifically fit the needs of its customers – industry, academia and clinics worldwide. Another unique feature is the availability of an oxylipid-platform that provides quantitative analysis of a combination of the most prominent oxylipids and eicosanoids. Recently we have introduced novel platforms for oxidative stress and neural disorders. For some technologies, a strong collaboration exists with academic partners; for the miniaturisation of CE-MS analysis, MPS will build on the knowledge on depleted zone isotachophoresis (dzITP; Quist J et al. Anal. Chem 2011) to enrich ionic metabolites out of complex samples developed at Leiden University. Finally, we are capable of handling large-scale cohort studies.